Customer Centric Payments

Consumers have already significantly changed their payment habits over the recent past. Next to ever growing payments with credit or debit cards, the rise of e-commerce and the increasing popularity of smart phones have enabled new ways of making payments and provided the impetus for payment providers to innovate. But what is your conversion in the checkout stage? In continental Europe one of the biggest reasons for loosing out on sales is due to not offering the locally adapted payment methods. Learn how to win those customers back with this post-meeting report.


Digital Boardroom hosted a group of eCommerce decision makers who are all finding ways to localise payment methods and increase checkout share. This white paper is a summary of the discussion which was based around solving the following:

► How are organisations approaching the question of payment systems? (Is this something that evolves from an old system legacy? Does it give a competitive advantage? Etc.)

► Traditional vs. alternative payment systems: how to evaluate what mix is best for your customers and your organisation

► Single platform/provider vs. multiple in different countries? How many payment systems are sustainable? How are peers managing a mix of payment methods?

► Resources and research for customer payment behaviour in new and evolving markets

► Payments and international roll out:

Which countries promise an easy win?

How do you integrate your internal systems with country preferences on alternative payment methods?

Things to look out for on the refunds path in new markets

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