Cradle to Cradle

This book re-writes the script. Studying a degree in Product Design at Central St Martin's completely convinced me that designers are all moral-less, capitalists twits and this book actually made me reconsider that view!
The basic premise is this: We can design ANYTHING we need to be COMPLETELY sustainable.

Now that just about re-writes the design brief of everything that has ever been made and implies if it isn't 100% sustainable it has failed the fundamental design challenge.

Advancing Environmental Strategies

From Compromise to Collaboration in the Design Process
This essay argues that a compromising approach to design is ineffective, short-sighted and in fact, outdated by advanced design techniques that culminate in more sophisticated, acceptable and rewarding solutions. Sim Van der Ryn explains that 'the most powerful technique available is an integrated design process that brings together project participants, stakeholders and outside expertise at the earliest practical point in the project to collaborate, co-create and execute a shared vision.'

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