Gregorian versus the Mayan calendar

This is re-posting of an old article originally entitled 'Vanquish The Vatican' and published on February 4th, 2005

Of all the conventions which shape the modern world our interpretation of time is paramount. We live, work and play according to the rules of ‘man-made’ or Gregorian time.

How 'good' are your goods?

Good Guide Iphone appVoting with your money just got MUCH easier.

The Good Guide iphone app brings ethical decision making power into the hands of the consumer right where they need it: at the point of purchase. By combining bar code 'scanning' (taking a photo) with an 'ethical index' of consumer products Good Guide are pretty much the first to market with this long awaited, and much debated, concept.

Making careful decisions about the things we buy has been our best way to influence the development and proliferation of more ethical goods and services for some time. Our political votes do diddly-squat to change the capitalist system, but the less rubbish we buy, the less rubbish they sell and so bad 'goods' become obsolete or are replaced by better versions. It's a pretty solid theory, which forms the back-bone of the de facto Design idea: Our collective behaviour creates the dominant, de facto paradigm in which we live and all the 'stuff' and ideas that surround us.

Vote with your money

Redefining the debate on environmentally responsible behaviour. Focusing on the question 'What are the most effective ways of increasing environmentally responsible behaviour (ERB)?' this paper analyses the effects of the dominant social paradigm, the corporate charters, unsustainable measures of progress (e.g. GDP) and the government's paradoxical version of sustainable development in relation to improved behaviour.

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