From Zero to Hero

A lovely story that seems to have inspired thousands...

Water and energy conservation through efficient design

Using the examples of domestic hot water and space heating this paper discusses the potential of alternative technologies and efficient design. It questions the practicality of current regulations and recommends that in order to seriously improve efficiencies we should: specify maximum rather than minimum standards; reward the design and use of efficient technologies (e.g. via tax breaks) and allow constant feedback in order to make our standards truly efficient themselves.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, Dec 2002

Natural Materials for Social Change

Analysis of public attitudes to health indicate that increased awareness of the dangers posed by synthetic materials could further demand for natural alternatives and help prompt social change. As Edward Harland notes 'it is people healthy in body and spirit who are most likely to have the energy, enthusiasm and vision to solve the immense problems facing life on this planet'.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, June 2003

Can the Hydrogen economy provide a sustainable future?

Focusing on net energy, calorific values, the manufacture, storage and distribution of hydrogen this essay examines the practicalities of a hydrogen-based energy system and its ability to provide a sustainable future. The realities of cumulative efficiencies and the demands of total sustainability indicate that the development of hydrogen technology may be entirely premature.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, July 2003

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