Green business is dead! Long live ethical business

What is 'green business' and what does it mean? Don't tar your company with the green brush before stopping to survey the zeitgeist! It's what your customers think that matters.

"Green business", "green marketing" and "green" in general have become abused, jaded terms. What was once a rallying cry for the ethically minded has become a key 'put-off' for the majority of consumers.

That's not to say 'green' terms are not popular… A quick search on google reveals that 'green' is the most common term people use to describe 'ethical', 'environmental', 'ecological' and 'sustainable' things, and herein lies the start of the problem.

But far more pertinent than the multiple meanings which 'green' is used to define, is the image or 'feeling' it conjures up in a consumers mind. To people that are concerned with 'environmental conservation', 'renewable energy' or 'ethical issues' the term 'green' verifies whatever is being described is 'for them', but to the majority of consumers any mention of 'greenness' is a warning sign to be avoided, at all costs.

2012 - The end of his story

Having watched the movie 2012 at the weekend it seemed like a good time to re-post my ramblings on the Mayan calendar and other ideas about the end of history.

2012 the movie is what you'd expect of Hollywood: Sickeningly bland American characters, an abysmal script, a healthy dose of cheese and some million dollar special effects. Overall a pretty poor excuse for quality entertainment, apart from a blinding performance from Woody Harleson as the crazed pirate radio DJ and end-of-the-world blog author and whistle-blower. His hammy, drug-influenced rantings and cartoon animation explain the basic theory of the 2012 plot: Extraordinarily large solar flares shower the world in solar radiation, reacting with Earth's liquid core, causing it to heat up to the point that the Earth's crust starts waltzing about, leading to the destruction of life as we know it...

The Mayan's 'knew it was coming', because they'd worked out the planets were all going to line up and that 'something' was going to happen... Why else would they have designed a calendar which ends in 2012?

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