Pernicious Plastics and the Precautionary Principle

History has shown that several plastics, originally considered completely benign, have since proven harmful to ecosystems, animals and ultimately to human health, demanding their control and in some cases elimination from use. This essay discusses the effects of PVC on human health (including a brief look at dioxins and phthalates) and the unsustainable PVC 'deathline'. It stresses the need for, and debates the practicality of, adopting the precautionary principle to limit the adverse effects of plastics.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, March 2003

Natural Materials for Social Change

Analysis of public attitudes to health indicate that increased awareness of the dangers posed by synthetic materials could further demand for natural alternatives and help prompt social change. As Edward Harland notes 'it is people healthy in body and spirit who are most likely to have the energy, enthusiasm and vision to solve the immense problems facing life on this planet'.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, June 2003

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