The Journey

Check out The Journey - a mission to visit some of the cool, eco and inspiring projects which are creating the change we want to see in the world!

The quest for the Digital Plexus

Bear with me on this one, because it's a critical idea whose time has most definitely come: Some clever software could change the world as we know it. We don't need banks to use money, or make transactions. We don't need overpaid MPs and elitist Lords to make democratic decisions. We don't need middle-men to pile on margins to trade goods. We don't need corporations to bring us news or media. All we need are networks of trust. Ideally we need a self-regulating, international network, built on openness and transparency which rewards co-operation and utilises a combination of factors to assess reputation and trust.

Natural Materials for Social Change

Analysis of public attitudes to health indicate that increased awareness of the dangers posed by synthetic materials could further demand for natural alternatives and help prompt social change. As Edward Harland notes 'it is people healthy in body and spirit who are most likely to have the energy, enthusiasm and vision to solve the immense problems facing life on this planet'.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, June 2003

Vote with your money

Redefining the debate on environmentally responsible behaviour. Focusing on the question 'What are the most effective ways of increasing environmentally responsible behaviour (ERB)?' this paper analyses the effects of the dominant social paradigm, the corporate charters, unsustainable measures of progress (e.g. GDP) and the government's paradoxical version of sustainable development in relation to improved behaviour.

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