From Zero to Hero

A lovely story that seems to have inspired thousands...

Cradle to Cradle

This book re-writes the script. Studying a degree in Product Design at Central St Martin's completely convinced me that designers are all moral-less, capitalists twits and this book actually made me reconsider that view!
The basic premise is this: We can design ANYTHING we need to be COMPLETELY sustainable.

Now that just about re-writes the design brief of everything that has ever been made and implies if it isn't 100% sustainable it has failed the fundamental design challenge.

Does Environmental Impact Assessment actually promote Sustainability?

The Rio Declaration calls for EIA to be undertaken for activities that are likely to have a significant adverse impact on the environment but is it actually succeeding in promoting sustainability? This essay discusses the fundamental problems of current assessment and acknowledges the limitations of EIA whilst proposing several means by which to improve on the current system.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, May 2003

Can the Hydrogen economy provide a sustainable future?

Focusing on net energy, calorific values, the manufacture, storage and distribution of hydrogen this essay examines the practicalities of a hydrogen-based energy system and its ability to provide a sustainable future. The realities of cumulative efficiencies and the demands of total sustainability indicate that the development of hydrogen technology may be entirely premature.
Oliver Sylvester-Bradley, July 2003

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