Icons and symbols have a unique ability to transcend language and communicate big ideas without words. In this series we present some of our favourite expressions designed to inspire a more positive 2014.

If you've got a positive symbolic formula of your own we'd love to see it, please send it in (or tweet them at us) and we'll publish the best ideas here as part of this series (and credit you of course!).

Love is the key

Peace is the way

Infinite money does not equal infinite happiness

Less is more

Thanks to @ghill, watch his TED talk on how Less stuff brings more happiness.

Co-operation is greater than competition

There are more good people than bad

People often forget, or refute this fact, but it is a fact. It is the reason why Wikipedia is a success.

Humanity, nature and the Earth are one

The people on the planet Earth are all part of an interconnected natural system.
If we damage nature or the Earth in any way we are also damaging ourselves.

update: 21 Feb 2014

We're obviously not the only people thinking about symbolic formulae, check out this graffiti which appeared near the office.

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